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Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms serve the purpose of concretely laying out the various responsibilities necessary for the management of the services provided by PeaceTV (, hereafter referred to as ‘site’).

Article 2 (Effects and Alterations of the Terms)
A. The terms and conditions are listed at the time of member registration and come into effect through the members’ agreement.
B. Any provisions which do not fall under the realm of the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, the Digital Signature Act or the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use may be revised in the terms of the site.
C. In the case of a revision of the terms of use, the site will clearly state the date the policy comes into effect and the reasons for revision, and will make these conditions public seven days before the policy comes into effect.
D. In the case that a member is unable to agree to the revisions of the terms and conditions, that member may request withdrawal from the site. Continued use of services after the revisions in the terms of use will be considered as agreement to the terms.
E. Any articles that are not outlined in the terms and conditions fall under the regulation of the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use.
Article 3 (Definition of Terminology)

The following article outlines the terminology used in the terms of use.

A. User: Any member or non-member who accesses the site and receives its services according to the terms of use.
B. Member: One who agrees to the terms of the site and goes through the process of member registration in order to receive a user ID. C. Non-member: One who receives the services of the site without going through the member registration process.
C. ID: Any combination of numbers or letters selected by a member and approved by the company, used to distinguish members and make use of the membership services.
D. Password: The combination of letters and numbers decided by a member after receipt of ID and confirmation of membership.
E. Cancellation: Cancellation of the usage contract after a member or the site has completed their use of the services.
Article 4 (Member Registration)
A. A member is considered to agree with the terms and conditions when he or she clicks on the “agree” button when applying for member registration.
B. Applicants must enter the articles requested in the site’s application form in order to apply for member registration.
C. If one enters false information in the member registration application form, he or she can be denied membership or receive limited access to usage of services.
D. The site allows the application for member registration without any special exceptions or circumstances.
E. The site may deny applications for any of the following reasons.
  • 1. One applies under a false name or steals another person’s identity.
  • 2. One enters false or incomplete information into the application form at the time of member registration.
  • 3. One applies for member registration through illegal methods.
  • 4. One is forced to resign for bad behavior.
  • 5. When the site recognizes any other reason to deny application.
  • Article 5 (Protection of Personal Information)
    A. The site collects the smallest possible amount of information on each user. At the time of registration, each member's name, ID, password, email address, and other necessary items must be entered. Members may refuse to enter any other information.
    B. In addition to member registration, the site may collect members' additional information for community activities, use of sensitive information, or participation in various events. The site will first receive permission from the members in such instances.
    C. The site may not reveal or distribute members' personal information to any third party without the express permission of the member in question or use members' information for business reasons except in the following circumstances.
  • 1. The site may give members' minimal personal information (name, address, phone number) to shipping companies in the case of shipping transactions.
  • 2. When providing non-specific, indistinguishable member information for statistics, academic or market research.
  • 3. In the case that a public institution requires information for a related act or law.
  • 4. When sharing articles required by the bank.
  • Article 6 (Alterations in Personal Information)
    A. Users can, at any time, access and alter their personal information through the member information alteration menu. However, basic information such as name, ID or resident registration number cannot be altered. In the instance that a member wishes to change his or her ID, he or she must first cancel his or her current account and re-register.
    B. If the personal information entered by a member at the time of application changes, that member must personally alter his or her online information. Any complications resulting from unchanged member information is the responsibility of the member.
    Article 7 (Obligations of the Site)
    A. As long as there are no special circumstances, users can begin to use the services of the site on the day of member registration.
    B. The site will continuously strive to provide secure service, and will work hard to quickly repair and restore any problems or obstacles in the website should they appear. However, in the case of a natural disaster or emergency situation, services may inevitably be cut off or suspended.
    C. The site will go through a proper process to decide whether members' opinions or complaints about the services are valid, and will deal with them accordingly. However, in the case of complications, the site will immediately inform the users of the reasons and dates of processing.
    D. In order to protect the personal information of the members, the site will publicly follow the privacy agreement.
    E. After a user signs the user agreement, the site will exert utmost efforts to ensure that all processes related to the changes or cancellation of the contract are as convenient as possible for the user.
    Article 8 (Obligations of the Members)
    A. Members must abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the service introduction, as well as any precautions, notices or announcements given by the site. Members must not perform any actions that disrupt the operations of the site.
    B. Members have full responsibility over their ID and password. Members must take full responsibility for any problems that may arise from careless or illegal use of one's ID or password.
    C. If a member's ID or password is used illegally, that member must immediately report the event to the site. A member must assume full responsibility for all problems that may arise in the instance that he or she does not report the event to the site.
    D. Members must comply with all service user restrictions posted separately by the site.
    E. Members may not use the site's services for business without prior consent from the site. The site will take no responsibility for any results of business or members that violate the terms and conditions of the site. In the event that the site receives damages through business activities of a member, that member is fully liable to compensate the site for damages received.
    F. Members may not use the authority of services without the explicit agreement of the site, and may not transfer their contractual status to any third party, or provide it for use as collateral.
    G. Members may not perform any of the following actions in regards to usage of services.
  • 1. Theft of another member's ID, password or resident registration number.
  • 2. Acquisition of the site's cyber property or points through improper methods.
  • 3. The reproduction of information obtained through the site's services without prior permission for the sake of distribution to third parties through publishing or broadcast.
  • 4. The illegal circulation of patents, trademarks, confidential business information, copyrights or other intellectual property through email, postings, or other methods.
  • 5. Circulation of lewd or obscene information, writing or graphics that disturb public order and morals, through postings, messages, email or other methods.
  • 6. Circulation of insulting or threatening material that may violate others' privacy through postings, messages, email or other methods.
  • 7. Actions that may be objectively perceived as being linked with criminal activity.
  • 8. Collecting or saving the personal information of other users without the permission of the site.
  • 9. Any actions that violate related laws.
  • Article 9 (Member Postings)

    Any posts or records by members that conform to the following articles of service content may be deleted without prior notice.

    A. Any content that slanders, defames, or otherwise damages the reputation of any other member or third party.
    B. Any content that violates public morals or disrupts public order.
    C. Any content that is connected to criminal activity.
    D. Any content that violates the copyright of the site or any third party.
    E. Any content that has exceeded the regulated posting period of the site.
    F. Any post by a member on their homepage or message forum of lewd content or links to lewd websites.
    G. Any posts that are unrelated to the theme of the corresponding message board.
    H. Any content that violates other related laws.
    Article 10 (Copyright of Posts)

    The service reserves the following rights to content published on the site.

    A. Liability and rights for posted content lie with the poster. Posted content cannot be published within the realm of the service for profit without the agreement of the poster.
    B. However, posts may be published for non-profit use and the site retains these rights within the realm of the service.
    C. Members cannot process or sell content acquired through the services of the site, or use published content for commercial profit.
    D. Posts or concepts published on the site may not be sent to other websites or mediums without due notice or permission. In the event that this rule is violated, sanctions will be placed on the offending user, beginning with the cancellation of his or her member account.
    Article 11 (Mail Use, etc.)
    A. The site may send necessary information related to service usage to members through public notifications or email.
    B. The email addresses of involved parties are listed in the site's catalog. These email addresses can only be accessed by site personnel and site moderators.
    Article 12 (Publishing of Advertisements and Dealings with Advertisers)
    A. The site may publish advertisements for profit in order to provide continuous quality service to the members. Usage of services is considered as agreement with the publishing of advertisements on the site.
    B. The site is not liable for any damages received by members through transactions or dealings with advertisers through the site's services.
    Article 13 (Business and Group Purchases)
    A. The site may carry out business transactions and group purchases in order to provide better service for the members.
    B. The site may provide news related to such business transactions or group purchases to the members.
    C. Ex post facto responsibility for the products of business transactions or group purchases lie primarily with the product supplier and manufacturer.
    D. Other related business matters are to be abided by general business rules.
    Article 14 (Time Use of Services)
    A. The business and technology services provided by the site are to be available 24 hours a day, as long as there are no special issues. However, this does not apply to those times or dates that the site designates for periodical inspection.
    B. The site's services are divided into different realms, each with their own schedule. The time that services are available may be separately decided by each department. In the event of a schedule change, the site will make a public announcement regarding the situation.
    Article 15 (Discontinuation of Service Provided, etc.)
    A. The site may cease to provide services in any of the following circumstances.
  • 1. The site's facilities are under construction and must unavoidably shut down.
  • 2. The key telecommunications service provider designated by the Telecommunications Business Act shuts down telecommunication services.
  • 3. Any other uncontrollable circumstances.
  • B. In the event of a national emergency, natural disaster, technical problems with the site, excess of internet traffic or any other obstacle to working service, the site or a part of the site may be limited or suspended.
    C. Should the events detailed in articles A or B arise, causing suspension or limited use of the site, the site will immediately inform the members of the reasons for and period of suspension.
    Article 16 (Cancellation of Contract and Limits on Usage)
    A. In the event that a member wishes to terminate their contract of usage with the site, he or she must apply online to cancel their membership through the site.
    B. The site may terminate a member's contract without prior warning or enforce a period of suspension for any of the following reasons.
  • 1. Theft of another member's ID, password or personal information.
  • 2. Application for membership with a false name.
  • 3. Possession of multiple IDs by one user.
  • 4. Slander of another person's reputation or improper conduct towards another person.
  • 5. Infringement of the intellectual property rights of the site, another member or any third party.
  • 6. Intentional disruption of public order and morals.
  • 7. Any plan or action to disrupt national or societal public interest through use of the site's services.
  • 8. Deliberate hindrance or disturbance of a service moderator or manager.
  • 9. Distribution of mass information or advertisements with the goal of hindering the secure management of the site's services.
  • 10. Circulation of computer viruses or other programs that may cause destruction or malfunction of information and telecommunication facilities.
  • 11. Request of amendment from the Korea Internet Safety Commission or other external agency, or the receipt of authoritative interpretation by the National Election Commission for illegal election campaigning.
  • 12. Commercial reproduction or circulation of information acquired through the site's services without the prior permission of the site.
  • 13. Any action that violates the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Article 17 (Compensation for Damages)

    The site is not liable for any damages received by members through its free services.

    Article 18 (Exemption Provisions)
    A. The site is exempt from liability for provision of services in the event of a natural disaster or other uncontrollable circumstances.
    B. The site is exempt from liability for hindrances in the services caused by the members.
    C. The site is exempt from liability for the loss of data acquired by the members through the site's services.
    D. The site is exempt from liability for the credibility of information, data or facts published by the members.
    E. The site is exempt from liability for any losses or damages sustained through the intentional actions or negligence of the members.
    Article 19 (Competent Court)

    In the event that a dispute arises through use of the site's services, all lawsuits will be carried out exclusively under the jurisdiction of the site headquarters location.

    Additional Clauses
    (Date of Effect) These terms and conditions are effective from June 1st, 2013.

    Company name : FFWPU International Headquarters PeaceTV | Director : Jeon Jeong Cheol

    Address : 1st floor, Sunhak Institute of History, Misa-ri, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province, 267 - 177 South Korea | TEL : +82-31-589-0583 | FAX : +82-31-585-3113 | E-mail : | Submit news reports to :