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Report on True Parents' Recent Global Providence (March 29, 2017)
Report on True Parents' Recent Global Providence (March 29, 2017)
True Mother’s recent providence (October 1, 2016)
True Mother’s recent providence (October 1, 2016)
Cho Sung-il Director-General of the FFWPU International HeadquartersTrue Mother's recent providenceOctober 1, 2016 Cheon Jeong GungRecording time 14 minToday, I will be covering what True Mother said about at the Washington Monument rally. Though the content is short, I believe that in that message there are many facts pertinent to today's providence. I would also like to read excerpts from three of the speeches True Parents have given recently. I would like to talk briefly on the providential meaning. In addition, the United States sent us reports about how the members and leaders felt our Heavenly Parent and True Parents love and the decisions they made during the speech Mother gave that we read today. True Mother told me to share that with all of you here today so I will do so. These are True Parents' words from the Closing of the Leaders Meeting.Therefore, all of you here must become historic figures. The more you testify to and teach about True Parents the better. Please invest yourselves wholeheartedly and work quickly. In so doing, you will bring happiness to Heavenly Parent. Hence, I would like to report to Heavenly Parent happy, victorious daily reports from around the world. “Today, such and such activities took place. Today and tomorrow, these activities will take place in Africa. Heavenly Parent, please gladly accept these reports. These [results] were originally yours.”This is from the September 9th Providential Institutions Gathering.In order to do that, you must harvest well. One for a hundred! Each person must reap and bring one hundred people, one thousand people. We must have that kind of harvest. You must all mobilize everything you have including your wisdom, and ponder how we can pursue our goal and multiply our result by ten, by a hundred. In this age your work done with True Parents, your result, will pass down for eternity as you work hard and you will become "Proud soldiers!" "Proud eldest sons [or daughters] of noble families.” I ask that you bring in all the result that you can.True Parents' words from September 25th.You all are in the position of True Children who have received the blessing from heaven for the first time in six thousand years. In that case, you must all absolutely become one with True Parents. You must become the filial children, loyal subjects and soldiers who will realize our Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents' dream. In order to do that you must all become the best in each of your fields. In this large environment, the world, we must make a protective fence that embraces 7.3 billion people.Just as I said earlier, you are the pure water that took six thousand years to emerge thanks to True Parents’ efforts. Through all of you this murky world, this dirty world, must become clear. In order to do that, you must all be thorough. Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience! Those who become one with True Parents and march forward cannot be defeated on that path. CARP students, national restoration and global restoration will happen with your hands! We must mobilize members of CARP from around the world here in Korea, God’s homeland and unite to go forth boldly toward national restoration and global restoration! Aju This is already the 5th HJ Cheonwon Special Gathering. October, providentially, can be called the "Month of liberation" the 777-couple blessing, 6,000-couple blessing and 6,500-couple blessing as well as Father's release from Hungnam Prison and Father's release from Seodaemun Prison occurred in October. Providentially, many blessings and liberations happened during this month. During this kind of month, we have been working hard based on what —as we came into the year—True Parents explained, the three providential pillars: witnessing, creating a witnessing environment, and cultivating future talent. Today, let us take time to look at the providential content of the Washington Monument rally, the speech of which we especially read today. During the month of September, many activities were held throughout the world. Since the conclusion of the Seonghwa Festival, also in Korea, we are holding leadership banquets and nationwide report sessions, in which we are sharing with all the people of the world True Parents' successful and providential work and results. Also through the Four Great Holy Items bestowed during the 56th Anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding, all members throughout the world, including members who have not participated in church services for a while, came together, repented, and asked for Heaven's forgiveness so they could make a new beginning.  As part of world strategy, the Peace Road activities that were held were incredibly passionate. In the case of Asia and also in Africa, the government worked with us as thousands came to march for Peace Road as they reflected on True Parents' life's work. At the Peace Road event in Ghana, the nation has five broadcasting stations, and the peace road had such an impact in that community that it was shown on all five stations. That is how our world peace strategy is working.  We said that especially the Tribal Messiah activities, the True Family movement and the Pure Love movement should be aimed towards large nations. In Thailand, they have gone as far as making an MOU with the Department of Education. There are 77 states in Thailand and we have gone in directly and given lectures on the Pure Love Project to students in about 60 of them. Through that, we are connecting the students to further Divine Principle activities. On September 8th, with the support of the Department of Education, in Buriram, 5,000 students, teachers, professors, and leaders gathered. Centered on the pure love movement, we could connect them to the True Family movement and even to the Blessing. These surprising works are continuously happening at this time.  Also in regard to cultivating future talent, between the time after True Parents' HJ Choenwon Special Workshop and September 25, CARP prepared many activities. This led to 1,500 people gathering for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of CARP. The young students could gain momentum to begin anew and take a central role in True Parents’ providence. True Parents are always saying, “We will absolutely succeed if we all unite, and if we become one with True Parents”. With that kind of standard, all the employees in providential institutions, all centered on the Family Federation, are creating a large flow through which we can attend True Parents and be victorious.  Each occurrence in True Parents' providence is important, but I believe that the highlight of September was on September 17th. It was the 40th anniversary of the Washington Monument rally held on September 18, 1976. True Parents’ Holy Wedding was held in 1960 and through the first 7-year course, True Parents could solidify their position in Japan and Korea. Then from 1971, True Parents went to the United States with the mission of global restoration centered on the United States. The United States truly was a prepared nation and with the foundation built there, True Parents could spread their activities to the world. After three years of preparation, as I reported last time, the Madison Square Garden rally was held with 30,000 people, in which the standard for the formation stage was set. Then, in 1976, two large events took place. This is the Yankee stadium rally, which set the growth stage. Originally, after the Yankee stadium rally, there was supposed to be a long time of preparation for the Washington Monument rally.  However, on the foundation of the Yankee stadium rally, in which True Parents overcame many difficulties and were victorious, True Parents gave the order to prepare within 40 days to gather 300,000 people for the Washington Monument rally, which no one had done before, in order to accomplish the global providence centered in America. This is what they resolved to do.  Many people testified that even though there was no guarantee that they could accomplish this, the members prepared for the Washington Monument rally 40 years ago, with only the standard of absolute obedience to True Parents. On that day, they began in the afternoon and when the rally ended it was dark, and fireworks were set off.  At that time, the polarized systems of communism and democracy sharply divided the United States. The United States had to fulfill her Abel-type mission but was unable to do that. People were unable to set the standard especially due to problems with drugs and hippies, among other things. In 1976, when True Parents were in the United States and held the Washington Monument rally, it was to save America. Heaven had prepared the United States and True Parents came so they could unite and create the global providence. Through everything that has happened during the last 3 years, True Parents have internally built a stable foundation. That foundation is spreading out to the whole world and together with True Father and True Mother we are going through the course of bringing results from each providential endeavor.  From True Parents' message that we just read, the part that I feel conveys True Parents' mind is this: We held the 40th anniversary event in order to complete the providence that began 40 years ago. Through this, many members, Ambassadors for Peace, ACLC ministers, and everyone who is working towards the vision of the IAPP, could receive the providential momentum to all come together and once again make a new beginning.  Last December, at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ACLC, True Parents gave an earnest message and encouragement saying that we must save America through the revival of ACLC and True Family activities. In addition, this year the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally took place in Belvedere, centered on our members. Leaders and members who represented all blessed families of the world could once again remember that spirit, that mindset, the standard in which they attended True Parents 40 years ago. It was an opportunity for all to experience a new beginning. Because of the distinct features of the Washington Monument rally, leaders of our movement and blessed families attended a banquet the day before, organized by the Washington Times, which gave us the incentive to become one with the distinguished participants and leaders from outside our movement and members within the movement to make a new beginning. Through all of these things, we could see True Mother working to realize all the promises she and True Father had made with each other and all the resolutions they made not only for the sake of our movement but for global restoration. Let's give another round of applause to show gratitude for our True Mother.  Let us read some of the testimonies of the American members and their resolutions.This is the testimony of a 2nd-Generation youth from Las Vegas, Chungbom Katayama.“It was a blessing to see the young and old generations coming together. I’m proud to be a second generation Unificationist whose parents fought, back in the day, for world peace. I felt this responsibility and an inspiration that it is really us, the young generation that have to carry on this mission. And it’s not a burden anymore. Many times I felt it was a burden, but hearing True Father’s and True Mother’s speech gave me hope and so much inspiration to feel I want to be a part of this and this is the time to make it happen. These four years, we’ll see such a difference and you’ll make it happen, and I’ll make it happen.Naria and Branch Gaarder, 2nd-Generation leaders in the Ocean Providence “The most inspiring thing about Global Top Gun was being able to spend time and get to know all the brothers and sisters from all over the world, second- and young first-generation Unificationists, and to see how much True Mother has invested in us.” “Having gone to Top Gun and being taken care of so warmly by True Mother, I feel called to take ownership for what’s in my heart and my community. I’m young and young at heart but I feel called to take responsibility for our country”Rev. Dr. Karen Thibodeaux, and her husband Dr. Bishop David Thibodeaux who participated in ACLC“What I thought about the most was those young people that were there that will be here 40 years from now, alongside all of those who returned from 40 years ago. That was just a moment in time. I was so excited to be a part of that. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything. This moment was so, so special.”[The Thibodeauxs were part of the 172 religious leaders whom True Father charged to help heal the wounds and divisions of heart among the American people.]  “Now we see the urgency of it all. We want to go back to Texas and really see ACLC explode, especially now that we have the new Dallas Family Church facility.”Texas has been touched in a mighty way! There are others like us who are not Unificationists but want to know more, want to experience more, and want to be unified with you, and we are so thankful. We want to go home and share this vision with our church, share the greatness of family and how we can join together as a family and keep family first. When we’re unified we can grow and move forward, and I thank God that we are moving forward. True Father’s legacy is moving and touching lives everywhere!”Lastly, we have a testimony from the Cheon Il Guk IW, Inose-san. “Loving True Mother, I give my sincere gratitude for the love and sacrifice you have given to America. I truly feel the results of True Parents love, efforts, and sacrifice are being realized. Many distinguished guests, second-generation members, and artists show evidence of True Parents’ victory. All of us here in America have gained confidence that we will achieve vision 2020 centered on Dr. Kim Ki Hoon and Dr. Balcomb.  Let’s send a round of applause to all the members in America. True Parents’ providential works are happening all over the world. I will end my report here. Thank you. 

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