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  • 2017 Global Top Gun Youth HJ Cheonwon Special Workshop Hosted by True Parents Closing Ceremony - August 21, 2017 - Cheon Jeong Gung

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Establishment of the Abel Peace UN
Establishment of the Abel Peace UNAbel UN means Peace UN. The existing United Nations is a Cain-type UN, a United Nations of strife. In contrast, the Abel UN will be a structure that guarantees world peace. This is nothing less than the most revolutionary and wondrous event to happen since God created humankind. Now the world will begin to change rapidly. More than 120 billion blessed couples on the side of goodness in the spirit world have mobilized. On earth, tens of thousands of ambassadors for peace and millions of other leaders around the world are carrying the torch of the Peace UN. Humanity now has the responsibility to work through the Peace UN to build, on the earth, the peace kingdom for which God and all people have longed. Attending God as our king and aligning internally with Cheon Il Guk and externally with the nation of the Fourth Israel, it is our responsibility to build a world of peace that represents both the spiritual and earthly realms and that transcends religions and nations. (Pyeong Hwa Gyeong Book 9 Speech 17 p. 1447) Matching of 1,610 CouplesThe occasion of the Blessing is where the most precious among your relationships is decided. The Blessing can only come once in your lifetime. Therefore you need to pray a lot. I am telling you to offer your utmost sincere heart to God before you come to receive the Blessing. Don’t even think of trying to find the person who is to become your spouse. You have to be willing to marry even the least attractive person. You should think, “I will live happily, even if it has to be with that homely person over there.” It’s problematic if your mind is all excited, without any foundation, and flies to one person and then another. People who pray for themselves are greedy. It would be better not to pray and instead think, “Heavenly Father, I leave everything in Your hands. Isn’t there a partner even for an unattractive and foolish person like me? Please do everything according to Your wishes. Even if You tell me to grow old and die alone, I will do so gladly.” (Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5 Chapter 2 Section 2 Paragraph 28)Establishment of the Mongolian People’s Federation for World PeaceThe Mongolian People’s Federation for World Peace! People of the Mongolian blue spot can be found everywhere in the world. This spot transcends national barriers and one can even find them at the end point of South America. The spot can also be found among nations and people competing to have control over the South Pole. Hence, nothing can block people of the same group from connecting to one another. “One people” usually refers to people living in harmony with one another in one house, within a neighborhood. Here, all national barriers cannot but collapse. Therefore, the world stage through which the people of Mongolian blue spot, who represent the external physical aspect, can become completely one centered on the Unification Church, which represent the internal aspect, that of the mind, through a faith and values, is unfolding. (The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, vol. 469, p. 257, September 21, 2004)Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing CeremonyThe Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk was conducted on True Parents’ Birthday in 2003. The True Parents’ Holy Wedding took place centered on Cheon Il Guk. God and True Parents finally became one through true love, true life and true lineage, and upon the foundation of the Holy Wedding, we have arrived at the world level. Now we have to adjust everything to that standard. We can proclaim Cheon Il Guk only on the foundation of the change of lineage of the nations that represent the First, Second and Third Israels through the marriage blessing. The kingdom of heaven is a realm in which people are united in heart, but this world, because of the Fall, is not a realm where people are united in heart through true love, life and lineage. It is a realm where unity can be attained only through indemnity. Therefore, to realize the realm of unity upon which the kingdom of heaven can be established, I conducted the Unification Blessing Ceremony to Register the Blessed Families that Formed the Four-Position Foundation at the Great Transition of the Three Ages. Following the proclamation of this blessing and the proclamation of Cheon Il Guk, all blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds now can register. (Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12 Chapter 1 Section 2 Paragraph 14) 
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Establishment of the Abel UN
Establishment of the Abel UN
Establishment of the Abel UN (Sept 23, 2007, Manhattan Center, New York City)The inaugural rally of the Abel UN was held on September 23, 2007 in New York City’s Manhattan Center. Around 1,200 participants from 192 countries including some heads of state and some retired heads of state were in attendance. On this day, True Father said, “The Universal Peace Federation, which was established in 2005, will fulfill the role of the Abel UN in the era after the coming of heaven.” He emphasized the renewal of the existing “Cain-type” UN and called for the numerous peace ambassadors—who are enthusiastically carrying out activities worldwide after inheriting the true love and true family principle—to realize the heavenly calling of one family under God at all costs. (Materials provided by the FFWPU History Compilation Committee) 1,610 Couples Matching, September 20, 1978, SaitamaFrom September 20 to 22 in 1978, the matching and engagement ceremony of 1,610 couples out of 6,000 couples matched was held at Kamigawamura, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. True Father presided over the matching, explaining to the Blessing candidates the meaning of the Blessing: “I take eternal responsibility for the people who receive the Blessing. This does not end with their life on earth. Even when they pass into the spirit world, I will guide them and take responsibility for them. As you can see, the Blessing is the act of forming an eternal connection with me.” (Material provided by the History Compilation Committee)Establishment of the Mongolian People’s Federation for World Peace (September 23, 2004.09.23, Lotte World Hotel, Seoul)    On September 23, 2004, the Mongolian People’s Federation for World Peace was inaugurated at the Lotte World Hotel in Seoul. Around five hundred leaders from different countries including sixty that were either congressmen or ex-congressmen attended. True Father said, “Lineage and love are the only elements that can connect us with the absolute God. Money cannot do that.” Some representative participants presented True Parents each with a crown of peace. (Materials provided by the FFWPU History Compilation Committee)The Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony (Sept 24, 2000, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center)On September 26, 2000, the Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony was held in Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. This ceremony was conducted on the last day of the blessed wives’ workshop for the third registration. On this day, True Father asked twenty-four second generation members—twelve men and twelve women—to line up and placed a granddaughter in front of one line and a grandson in front of the other and then gave his benediction. He said, “The spiritual and physical worlds, which divided as a result of the Fall, have become one through the victorious realm of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Children in the spiritual world and on earth should inherit this and achieve the registration blessing with the parents.” (Materials provided by the FFWPU History Compilation Committee) 

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