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  • True Parents' Special Banquet for Japanese Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionaries (May 15, 2016 - Cheon Jeong Gung)

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The Word for this Week (May 22-May 28)
Middle East Peace Initiative       We women have the responsibility to solve the tragedy of Adam and Eve’s destruction by properly guiding people who are leading disorderly and chaotic lives. Distinguished leaders of all chapters of the Women’s Federation here and abroad: In the era of women that has now arrived, we need to establish a model for the whole world through a movement for the realization of true love in which we embrace our husbands and raise our children properly. By doing so, we need to develop the Family Federation for World Peace with the active support of our husbands and children. The Women’s Federation for World Peace is not a movement for women alone. It will bear the fruit of ideal families through a movement of true love for our husbands and children. Ideal families established in this manner will join together and create the ideal nation and world. That is the reason the Women’s Federation for World Peace has to develop into the Family Federation for World Peace. Thus, women need to take a leading role in politics, economics, culture and each area of society, in order to realize world peace. Godism and Head-wing Thought offer the fundamental system of values that our Women’s Federation needs to espouse to unite the left and right wings, to overcome atheistic materialism, and to guide the twenty-first century. Let us go forward together into the world of peace guided by the True Parents who have the leading role in demonstrating true love. (Pyeong Hwa Gyung, Book 6, Speech 6, Page 921)     International Blessing Ceremony of Religious Leaders      In international religious rallies these days, Islam and the Unification Church have called for intermarriage. Representatives of the thirteen religious groups have gathered and come to the conclusion that this path alone is the shortest way to world peace. Religions must take the lead. The mind should lead peace, taking into consideration that the realm of the mind is religion. There are no Cain and Abel in a religious world. Centered on this principle, parents should be able to stand in their appropriate positions. The heads of religious groups are to stand in the archangel’s position. Whether they dislike it or not, it must be carried out. The doors will open if 1,300 members of the Unification Church convene and are married to those in the thirteen religious groups – with a hundred members per group. What matters then is how we can make this. We have entered such an age. Through this, the enemy can become one. (The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, vol. 249, p. 257, Oct 10, 1993) 

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